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On crossing the imaginary the experience of Made in Pompei (Online & Offline Free Magazine) is a big adventure. During the years, the creator and his team gained competence and success to become one of the most important magazines of the southern Italy.

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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

« [To survive the crisis] You have to have a strong respect for yourself. Want to live well, not just to survive. Having values, focusing on excellence, being the protagonists of your future. And possess the gift of intensity: know how to look away, sacrifice now, for tomorrow to be profitable. It is necessary to have a proper idea of ​​the world. Understand who the friends are and who the enemies, to have a precious gift that is called empathy ». (Jacques Attali, Il senso delle cose, 2011)

Those who believe that exponential growth can continue indefinitely in a finite world is a fool, or an economist. [Kenneth Ewart Boulding]

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