This is the place where imagination can rest surrounded by visions.. an exclusive space where mind listens to the heart.. this is my new home.. an open place for who is strongly looking for art {and much more than that}.. it’s my official portfolio to display creations, projects and things i found worth.. recurrent thoughts & constant dreaming give me the inspiration to trascend life and find a way out of the conscious.. look through the light.. will leave you blind!

Everything you’ll find in there, otherwise specified, is copyrighted by me, so please: ReSpEcT! Do not use these designs without my permission! Thanks..


corporate design // logo & logotypes // packaging // cd-dvd cover & booklet // book cover // advertising // flyers // banners // posters // merchandise // multimedia design // video presentations // photo manipulations // illustrations // static & dynamic websites // flash design // flash animations // restyling websites // e-commerce //  3D rendering.. and so on..