About Me


..Digital Artist, Webdesigner, Photographer..
Creative, Emotional, Infinite, Loves to Dream, Dares to Live, Lives in a Wonderland Forest really far away from your eyes..

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Everything begun in the sleepless nights of the far 1998. Creative moods and a compulsive love for computer arts have stolen my heart.. i didn’t try to express myself until then but i always was fashinated by graphic creations.. in the later 1999 i got my first connection.. spontaneous images were coming in a constant flow.. a neverending path from sketches to unfinished compositions.. i got practicise with my skills and also love for computer arts was growing.. over the years i showed my creatures all over the world.. and now? my history starts from here..

Identity Card

name: fran // age: thirtyeight // born: italy // why: never planned // hair color: light brown // eye color: brown // childhood traumas: few, nothing too harsh.. better considering the post infantile ones.. // behaviour: instinctual moving to chaotic.. alternation of lazyness and global creativity // interests: art, music, mystics, angels, cooking & singing // currently doing: freelancer..

Skills & Tools

C++ // html // css // xml // actionscript 2.0 // php // javascript // access // mysql // photoshop // illustrator // indesign // lightroom // premiere // paint shop pro // corel painter // dreamweaver // animate (flash) // fireworks // freehand // director // quarkxpress // maya 7.0 // 3d studio max // poser // cinema 4d // distiller // xara 3d // terragen.. and so on!

{ f r e e d o m o f e x p r e s s i o n }



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